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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Bootcamp Challenge - DietBet participant - 30 day Challenge

Like many I want to loose weight.
But as a goal it just seems so removed from who I am. I spent sometime over the holidays and really broke it down for my self.
I realized that what I want more than anything is to run faster and more, 1000 miles, to be precise!

Yes, I want to be healthy, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin no matter what I am or am not wearing but the tangible thing I want is to run faster!

Given that I started running just over 7 months ago and that I am now ready for a half marathon in February shows me that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. Ideally I would like to be packing less weight then I have now across that finish line, but the hours, minutes, and seconds...increase in speed is what I really want to see.

Yes, dropping the extra weight will likely improve my running time...but my motivation for working out and eating better is no longer the holy grail of weight loss, but a measurable increment of time.

Funny to think about it that way... but the drive to see a better time is what has me busting my butt in squat and push-up challenges, running every other day, and using a stationary bike at home on none run days.

This first week has been a challenge for sure when it comes to weather and running outside but I didn't let that deter me as I have all the gear to make it manageable...I am proud to say that from January 1- 7th I ran a total of...<DRUM ROLL PLEASE>

34.36km (21.35 miles) and did 4.5 km (2.79miles) on the stationary bike. 

I also did all the days of the Squat and Push-Up Challenge.  I will be the first to admit my upper body strength sucks, so the push-ups are done at an angle using the kitchen counter...but I have to start somewhere...April 2013 running was 1 min running 1 min walking and thinking I was going to die and now I can run 34.36k in a week and not even worry :)

I have also been drinking 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water (I don't count water I drink while working out in this count), peed a lot the first couple of days but now back to normal...which tells me I was seriously dehydrated and storing water like crazy. SparkPeople as become my tracking tool of choice, apparently I am just too visual for MyfitnessPal - LOL.

Today begins week 2, and this week I begin 8lbs lighter than last week...which I would normally think is CRAZY but I will attribute a bunch of that to good ol' H20, and the rest to good clean eating (no gluten or dairy and almost no refined carbs) and lots of miles :)

For week 2 the Sisterhood had offered up a challenge...say 3 nice things about yourself each day starting today for a total of 21 for the here it goes my first three. (1) I have great hair (2) I am very funny (3) I am a good friend/sister/daughter (4) I am a fair and consistent boss (5) I am a quick learner (6) I am a responsible pet owner (7) I am handy (8) I have beautiful eyes (9) I have an infectious laugh (10) I work hard (11) I play harder (12) I am respectful (13) I can cook (14) I have a great smile (15) I am a fantastic driver (16) I am a dedicated runner (17) I treat others the way I want to be treated (18) I have a forgiving heart (19) I am not afraid to take chances (20) I am beautiful inside and out (21) I am lucky

Week 2 challenge - meal planning - yikes!!! This one will take some time - tracking has been a big thing for me - put actual planning more than a day or 2 at a time...and sticking to it...???Yeah I didn't do so well on this - did good on the tracking but planning - I like to have options which is why I have tonnes of portion sized stuff in the freezer - that way grab and go is easier for the protein, then add fresh veggies and basically away I go.

Week 3 challenge - at least 7 hours of sleep per night - hit and miss on this one - had a couple of great 8hr nights, then one 3 hour night then a couple of fever-sick night with lots of broken sleep - short on the quality.

Week 4 - Part one of the challenge is over - did my diet bet weigh in and I am down 15.6lbs since weigh in on December 30/13 - supper stoked about that :)  The plan is to contiue but I will admit I am still not feeling all that great - back to having fever and achiness for the past 2 days and a headache that is basically a dull roar - so will be spending most of today in bed.

The plan for this though is to roll it into part 2 of the sisterhoods challenge...looking forward to seeing the numbers get even smaller and my first half marathon in February. :)  So what worked for me - tracking on Spark People and mass freezing of protien options that worked and will continue, running and strength based challenges - those worked except for this being sick part - but just gotta kick this bug then get back at it - I will repeat the push-up part of the challenge using a lower modified push-up I'm thinking my wieght bench - that is lower then my counter top but not quite the floor, I think I will keep the squats as well increasing the weight I do those with and going back to lower reps and sets to begin with and well my plank challenge is still going on so that will keep going as well.  I am going to keep up with my water, I only had 4 cokes all month and I am very happy with that and will keep it low - none at all.  If the weather cooperates I would like to start walking to and from work...but we will see, if not I have my stationary bike which really needs some attention on my non-run that is the plan :)

Update : I was one of the winners with this dietbet challenge and I rolled my winnings into part 2 - so another 30 days to loose another 4% of my weight...First 7 days of February been pretty sick with the flu and a sinus infection, but now on antibiotics and looking forward to shaking this off and getting back to what I need to do for me...9 days till my first half marathon feeling anxious given being sidelined from training and yet still excited - yes I plan on still doing it!!!! just might not be my best run ever - but that is okay its about finishing what I started, its about accomplishing this when 8 months ago I didn't think it would be possible, its about being true to me.



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